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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How do I play ESL Fantasy?

In ESL Fantasy you are the team manager of your very own Fantasy team. You pick players from the official leagues and earn points dependent on their real-life performance. Players are grouped in categories like positions or groups they play in and your Fantasy team has the same positions, that you need to fill out with players to complete your roster.

The goal is to earn as many points as possible with your players by the end of the season. During the season, depending on the league and format, you can regularly update your choice of players.

What leagues and games can I play?

Our Fantasy leagues are matching some of the worlds most well known esport leagues, like the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) or the StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS). We will try to support the most watched and followed leagues and provide Fantasy leagues around the most popular games.

Is participation for free?

Yes, everything is completely free, there are no member fees or premium features. You just need to sign up and can start picking your team.

How do I earn points with my team?

Points are given out for certain statistical performances of your players. For example in League of Legends you earn points, when a player in your team earns kills and assists, while he loses points, when he is killed. In StarCraft II you earn points if your player wins maps and for his final ranking in group stages. There are several more factors that earn and lose points, you can find the full details in each leagues rule site.

Can I always change my team?

You can only change your team when you players are not locked. Players will be locked during matches they play and sometimes for whole tournament stages. For example in LCS players are locked during a whole playday, starting with the first match of the week and being unlocked after all matches of the week are played. In WCS players will be locked while their groups are being played.

You can find an overview of when players will be locked in the rules of each league.

Starcraft II WCS FAQ

How does WCS Fantasy work?

WCS Fantasy has three stages, one for each round of the tournament, Round of 32 (Ro32), Round of 16 (Ro16) and Playoffs. Players can only be picked for one stage of the Fantasy league at a time, so players for Round of 16 can only be picked after Round of 32 is completed. In the Round of 32 every team has to pick one player per group, so eight in total, one for each group, the player he thinks will earn the most points in that group. The same system applies for the Round of 16, just with only four groups. For the playoffs, two players have to picked, one player from the upper side of the bracket and one player from the lower side.

Players can be picked and dropped as many times as wished until a player is locked. Players will be locked around 15 minutes before the start of their groups (in Ro32/Ro16) or until the start of the playoffs. Exact lock times can be found on the leagues rule site.

During each stage of the tournament you receive points depending on how well your players perform, there are points for map wins, but also for how they rank in each stage. The exact points can be found on the leagues rule site.

How do the standings work?

For the standings the total amount of points you earn in every stage of the fantasy league will be added up and the player with the most points will win his league.

For WCS Fantasy we will also feature an overall ranking, adding up the points earned in WCS America, WCS Europe and GSL Code S.

When are points updated?

Points are usually updated after a group is played, or a round in the playoffs is finished. We try to be as quick as possible about it. You can always easily check if the stats for a player are updated by clicking on his name on the website, displaying an exact match history of everything that was already calculated.

For the future we plan to have a nice team overview where you get a notification when you points are updated and also will try to get live stats into the system.

League of Legends LCS FAQ

How do I earn points in ESL Fantasy?

Points are earned by having a player in your team at the time they play an LCS match.. You only earn the points while the player is in your team. You do not earn any points for the player’s performance prior to being added to your team.

Points are awarded for kills, assists, creep score and gold per minute; deaths lose points. The amount of points award depends on the position of the player in the team. An overview of the exact points for each position in the team can be found at Rules Page.

What does 0/28 next to each position in the team mean?

You can only earn points for 28 matches (a full LCS split) per position in your team. As soon as a position has earned points for 28 matches, it will no longer earn points for future matches.

Who is the winner of ESL Fantasy?

The team that earned the most points at the end of the regular season (not including playoffs/relegations) is the winner.

Where do player values come from?

Player values at the start of the season are based on the performance of each player in the previous season. Values of players new to the LCS are estimated based on their performances in non-LCS matches and the average values and performance of the team they joined. Brand new teams are estimated by the their previous performance and a panel of experts.

How and when do player values change?

Player values are updated after the end of each LCS week, before the players unlock again. A player’s value changes based on their performance in that week, past performance, their opponents and popularity. We will not release the exact math behind it to prevent gaming the system, but all of these factors are taken into account.

When can I buy and sell players, how do player locks work?

You can buy and sell players at their current value at any time they are not locked. Players are locked 30 minutes before the start of each LCS week, and unlocked after all matches are finished. Player values and points are updated shortly before the locks are lifted.

For example, in week 1, all players will be locked on Tuesday, 20th May 4.30pm CEST(10.30am ET/7.30am PT), and lifted around Monday, 26th May 12pm CEST(6am ET/3am PT).

The full list of lock times will be added to rules site in the next couple days.

When are points given out?

Points will be given as soon as we have entered the results for all matches for a week, after all matches are finished. We will try to do this as quickly as possible, but as we do not currently have access to an API to automatically get this data, it is entered by hand. Please be patient!

Can new fantasy teams be made during the season?

Yes, new teams can be made after the season has begun, but they will be at a disadvantage as everyone else will have already earned points, and there may not be 28 matches left for all players left to earn points.

For this reason, we will start a second fantasy league during the LCS Summer Split as a as a mid-season league, giving everyone the chance to start from scratch, alongside the other league that will also continue until the end of the season. It will also be possible to play in both leagues.

What features are planned and coming next?

We are working on private leagues, draft modes, custom leagues (with free adjustable point system) and several other features, that will will come sooner or later to ESL Fantasy. Unfortunately none of those will be ready in time for the start of the Summer Split, but we are hopeful that they will be ready early into the season, so they can be enjoyed for the Summer Split.

Further questions? Please ask them in our forum and we will answer them as quickly as possible: Forum